Pit Bulls; what do you think of first, a family dog or deadly fighting dog? Most people wouldn’t ever think of pit bull as a family dog, yet a lot of people have them as the family dog. According to this poll that asked this question,“Do you think that Pit Bulls are a breed that are safe to live in residential neighborhoods, or do you think they’re too dangerous to live in residential neighborhoods?” And 53% said that Pit Bulls were safe, the other was 43 said not safe 3 said don’t know and one refused. Much people see pit bulls aren’t a dangerous animal yet they’re still viewed as a dangerous animal. Why is that?  Their genetic make-up will have some explanation. As well as their long rap sheet of dog fighting.

First off the reason that pit bulls get their name is because they were breed to be fight in pits in England. The Dogs weren’t trained to be aggressive towards humans. Their handlers had to handle them when the dogs were fighting. Pit bulls were bred to attack dogs. Pit bulls are known to have dog aggression but still can be a good family dog. They may be able to be with other dogs, but you’d have to check by having a supervised test play with both dogs on leashes.

Most shelters will not adopt these dogs but because for one the media and showing pit bull’s dog aggression at its worst. These dogs can be and are good guard dogs for more reasons than no one would want to mess with a pit bull. These animals have true body build and are very strong. If trained right they’d be a good guard dog. That is the key if they’re trained right. If not they’ll attack and possibly kill. The violence that pit bulls have isn’t just from there origin, people train them like that. What people say about pit bulls being dangerous is true, but remember that people also say that they’re also a good dog. Like people in a way, people can be good or bad.  Can hurt and be kind.

The two words: dog fight. What do you think of first? Is it a pit bulls face? Or do you see a cruel way to make money. Here’s the big reason that pit bulls their faces are stapled with a bad reputation. For most of these dogs their lives start and end in a dog fighting pit. And most think that any pit bull must be like the ones in the dog fights. Yet all are not like these dogs, most can be sweet. Pits can help other people. In South Africa there is a treatment center that has drug addicts take care of pit bulls. Another place that pit bulls help people is at Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans, LA does a similar situation. What they do is give parolees chance and a job. Villalobos is a starting point to have a good life for the parolees. They have a show called Pit Bulls and Parolees that shows the trials and triumphs for both the dogs and humans.

Another way that pit bulls help people is by being a service dog and a therapy dog. One person that uses a Pit Bull for a service is  Shorty Rossi; a pit bull advocate. He is a little person and has a back problem so he needs his dog, Hercules, to be with him everywhere. He one time he went to Chicago. Because there was a city wide ban on pit bulls and people had them as pets, service dogs and therapy dogs. Many had to leave their dogs at home and many had to smuggle their dogs out to safety otherwise would have been euthanized. Shorty and his coworkers held a family sneak out their dogs out for this every reason. Shorty had helped a family sneak out a pit bull while he was in Chicago. Shorty has a rescue called Shorty’s Rescue, a organization that rescues. He also has a show called Pit Boss on Animal Planet.

So what do you think? Is a Pit Bull a dangerous dog? Is the owners to blame or is it the pit bulls genetic makeup that are at fault? Should pit bulls be banned?