What would you do if you knew that a salt water shark could be able to swim up the Mississippi river all the way to St. Louis? Or that in a lake in Miami there was a bull shark attack. You would likely think twice before going for a swim. These are facts not myth. Bull sharks can and are swimming up freshwaters and thriving. There was even a bull shark attack in Lake Michigan. And that’s just in America, there’s more around the world.

The largest bull shark ever was caught in the Zambezi River in South Africa it was about thirteen feet in length. It was in an area that is a popular swimming place. And the farthest that a bull shark has been upstream is 2200 miles up the Amazon River. The reason that bull sharks can go in fresh and saltwater is that they can regulate salts and urea. Using the rectal gland they can release and retain salt as they need. They can also test the salt content in the water. They basically have an all accesses pass to any area with water. That gives them the ability to swim up freshwater and thrive.

In Queensland Australia there were sharks in a river that has a dam so you wouldn’t think that it would be impossible for them to come in. Not so. There was a bad flood that caused the bull sharks to get in and never to get out. Out here there was a college student attacked and killed in Lake Miami, not in Florida, in Queensland. As well as a 16 year old body border in another part of Australia in a river mouth. Bull sharks are usually attracted by a river mouth especially after a heavy rain since that freshwater fish are at abundance.

A bull shark is built like a street fighter in our terms, because of how muscular and strong they are. You would want to be more fearful of a bull shark attack rather than a great white shark. It was never the great white that inspired the infamous movie Jaws, but a bull shark. That was in New Jersey and two of the deaths occurred 15 miles up in Matawan Creek by a bull shark. And great whites do not kill as much as bull sharks do. Scary thought, isn’t it?

Do you think that no one is safe now from shark attacks even in freshwater? Why do you think that bull shark attacks are more likely to kill verses a great white shark? Why do you think that only bull shark can swim in freshwater?