Invasive Species, Overfishing & Overpopulation

Overpopulation, Invasive Species, and Overfishing are just three large environmental problems we face today.

Overpopulation is happening in a lot of species on Earth today, including humans, and can be a problem for all levels of civilization from the whole biosphere to a small community. Overpopulation is when the population becomes too large for what the environment’s resources allows. Overpopulation is a major issue to humans because we don’t know what the carrying capacity is yet, and how it will affect us. With 7 billion people on this Earth the capacity is approaching quickly. Humans already face many problems because of our population size, with a shortage of water and food. A good example of how we are being affected right now is on this site here. ” Each day 40,000 children die from malnutrition and its related diseases. we do not address this problem, we may begin to see a battle for survival against ourselves.” Addressing the problem is a big struggle, and may not become apparent to people until the carrying capacity is reached. One major difference between the human race carrying capacity and a different organism’s is that with advances in medicine we have worked around problems that normally contribute to slowing growth.

Will there ever be a point where the advances in technology aren’t fast enough to counter the many struggles us humans face?

Invasive species offer another large environmental problem. Invasive species are organisms that are foreign to an area. These organisms disrupt the environment and can set the ecosystem off balance by using resources, or destroying food chains. Anexample in our area of an invasive species is the Zebra mussel. The Zebra mussel (Above) was passed by the transition of boats between water bodies. A solution to stopping the spread of Zebra mussel is to stop the spreading at its source by washing

boat hulls (Left), which is one thing the Minnesota DNR is trying to do. It is often human activity that causes species to move from their area, so before we take part in something that might disrupt nature, research is key. An organization that is already taking their part to stop invasive species is the Nature Conservancywith a 6-step plan that goes beyond one problem. If problems are not addressed environments can be destroyed by an overwhelming species. It is difficult to realize how invasive species can happen, so education is vital to encourage people to think about how they may be affecting an environment by proceeding with an activity as simple as fishing.

Since human interaction in nature cannot be eliminated without removing humans, how can we balance out the impact of the interactions we have on the environment?environment by proceeding with an activity as simple as fishing.

Overfishing is another environmental problem caused by humans. Overfishing is caused by the ever-expanding fishing industry. Overfishing can cause ecosystem imbalances much like invasive species, but overfishing can be monitored much easier. In our area, overfishing is big problem because of the many lakes that surround us. Action is already established to control fishing, but not all water bodies can be supervised. Not all people think about how they are affecting the environment so education on the subject is a key solution, making people acquire their fishing licenses after a test would slow down overfishing. A site that is already creating materials for educating the public is located here. There are other solutions, like fish farming but in small lakes this method isn’t very practical.

How could we make fish farming practical to all of the world?

Aquaculture system promises eco-friendly fish farming future

The issues humans have on the earth

Overfishing is becoming a huge problem not only in the United States but around the world as well.  More and more people are starting to demand fish for meal more especially in areas where it is considered a delicacy or where they eat with many meals. With the demand for seafood increasing at the dramatic rate it is, more and more fish populations start to become extinct or very rare. I think that if these issues are not addressed that many populations of fish will become extinct which in return will make the price for seafood skyrocket. To help this issue we could put and enforce a limit on the amount of fish people can catch. This number could be based on how popular that fish is and what the population of that species is. We could also do more to inform the public of this issue, so everyone knows about it and the effect it could possibly have on us. Many people may not be addressing this issue due to the fact that many people like seafood and refuse to give it up or to believe that it is an actually issue. I do believe that the one time when people will actually pay attention to this problem and try to address it will be when so many of the species go extinct or when the prices start to get so high that no one can afford it anymore.

Climate change is affecting many types of animals and organisms around the world.  This causes the change of landscape, like ice in the Polar Regions which is shrinking causing there to be less hunting grounds for the polar bears.  If these issues are not addressed many animals could lose their environment that they depend on for supporting how they live. Many plants and small organisms may also die if the climate ends up changing so dramatically where it’s almost the complete opposite of what they were used to.  Some things that could be done to help lessen the effect of climate change is to only drive when absolutely needed. Instead of driving everywhere people could start to ride bike, walk, or even carpool with others who need to be at the same place. I think many people are already trying to pay attention to this issue but aren’t informing the public on the issue as much as they should for everyone to put an effort into changing it.

Deforestation is an issue that is addressed today but is still not being fixed as well as it should. Deforestation can cause an imbalance of the water cycle and a change in climate. Some things people can do to help fix this issue can be ones as simple as recycling and helping to plant more trees. If this issue isn’t addressed it could cause many forests and woodlands to become completely barren. We are already addressing this issue in a way where many people recycle and many people are starting to plant more trees. This is a good start but if we get everyone to help out to fix the issue it could become almost gone and we would be able to focus more on the larger ones at hand.


Predict what our world would be like if these issues were all addressed and everyone made an effort to fix them.  Imagine what the earth would be like in the future if these issues weren’t met.