Population of Deer in 2G2. When will they be back to normal?

When making my population model I asked myself a question to help me set up the model. The question went starting in the year 2001 there was 1000 dear in the 2G2 region. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is trying to get the deer  population flourishing again so they are lowering the amount of tags they give out this year. If they only give away 10% of the populations tags away and only half of them are filled. With a population growth rate of 0.2 and a carrying capacity of 3,250 how  many years will it take for the deer population to get back up?

In the course of this project we have gone from simple equations that just tell you the rate of growth to equations involving the rate of growth, carrying capacity, death rate, and other variables. This could help scientists in many different ways. First off like in my model it can help issue how many tags to give out for deer or other animals. These population models can also help in determining endangered species, and what is causing their extinction. If these models are put together well enough and studied scientist may have a chance at saving the endangered species.  Population Model of Deer in 2 G2